When can my child move out of a car seat booster while travelling in a car?

unnamed-1-150x150Many parents are unsure of when their child can move out of a car seat booster. Often we mistakenly let our children sit in the front passenger seat as a special treat because it’s more exciting to ride up in front. However, this can be dangerous for a child who is not tall enough to be sitting safely using a lap and sash belt.

The 5 Step Test is the procedure used by the National Guidelines for the Safe Restraint of Children Travelling in Motor Vehicles. This consists of 5 questions you ask as you check your child’s seating alignment in the car.

1. Can your child sit with their back against the vehicle seat back?

2. Does your child’s knees bend in front of the edge of the seat ?

3. Is the lap belt sitting low across your child’s hips and touching their thighs?

4. Does the sash belt sit across the middle of your child’s shoulders?

5. Can your child stay seated properly upright for the whole trip?


If your answer is Yes to all the above questions, then your child is ready to move out of a car seat booster and sit safely using a lap and sash belt.