3 Great Christmas Events for Children with Special Needs

  1. spaghetti_bolognese_with_mushrooms_941599_4-150x150Variety Kids Christmas Party – Tuesday 8th December 2015, at the Allphones Arena, Olympic Boulevarde, Sydney Olympic Park

For invitation enquiries ring Barb Brown on 0408 422 514.  The party includes activities, gifts and entertainment to help kids enjoy the spirit of Christmas whilst giving families a break, allowing sick, disadvantaged, and special needs children to enjoy a day out and simply enjoy being a kid.

  1. Sydney Special Children’s Christmas Party – Events are held from mid November to mid December. To find out more, ring 1300 887 736.

There is great entertainment including amusement rides, animal farm, craft and a host of other activities. The children receive free ice creams, drinks, lollies, fruit and lunch. There is a 4 hour stage show and of course the highlight for the children is when Santa arrives in his sleigh and they open Santa’s toy room for the children. Each child receives 2 high quality toys plus a show bag full of goodies!

  1. The Very Hungry Caterpillar – 8th -18th January 2016 Riverside Theatres. Book tickets on www.hungrycaterpillarshow.com

A special Relaxed performance will be conducted for children with special needs and autism. This modified performance will be on Wednesday 14th January at 3pm and is specifically designed so that all children have the opportunity to experience the show in a safe and relaxed environment. This means that the doors to the auditorium will remain open so that children and parents can come and go as they need, house lights will remain on to provide easy access, and a chill out zone will be set up outside the theatre with a live feed so children that need to leave can still watch the show.