Setting SMART Goals

Goal Setting is important as it gives you a clear direction, energizes you, provides a challenge and makes you think outside of the box. SMART goal setting refers to setting goals that are:

S – SPECIFIC That means defining the goals in detail. WHO is involved, WHAT do I want to accomplish, WHERE will it be done, WHY am I doing this, WHICH constraints/requirements do I have?

M – MEASURABLE That means how can I track the progress and measure the outcome. HOW much, HOW many, HOW will I know when my goal is accomplished?

A – ACHIEVABLE The goals should be challenging but within your ability to reach. Be realistic, but be willing to push out of your comfort zone. HOW can I achieve this goal?

R – RELEVANT The goals should be consistent with your immediate and long term plans. Is the goal worthwhile and will it meet your needs?

T – TIMELY Your goal should include a time limit. This should include a month/day that you achieve this goal.

Then once you set your goals, make a plan on how to achieve it, you get to work and stick to it, and before you know it, you have reached your goal! Good luck and have fun on your journey!