Child Safe Practices on a Trampoline

7c14228821f9c65c92e1f3f8eeecf478Understanding how the bones develop in the foot will help parents understand the critical times for ensuring that little feet are protected and cared for with good footwear.

These are the child safe recommendations from Kidsafe NSW:

  1. Only one user on the trampoline at a time.
  2. Supervise children using the trampoline at all times.
  3. AS 4989 states that trampolines are not recommended for children under six years of age.
  4. Show your child the correct use of the trampoline by teaching safe usage practices.
  5. Adults should model safe use of trampolines when children are present.
  6. Display clear safety signs such as “one at a time,” “bare feet only”, ”do not use when wet”, “do not jump onto or off the trampoline”.
  7. Keep toddlers away from the trampoline when in use to prevent them from going underneath the trampoline.
  8. Teach your child to jump in the centre of the mat.
  9. Teach your child to focus their eyes on the trampoline, as this will help control bounce.
  10. Do not allow or attempt somersaults.
  11. Ensure the presence of a spotter to warn the trampoline user if they are moving off centre of the mat.
  12. Do not allow anyone to link the trampoline with chairs, ladders or planks.