Thinking outside the box


3 common problems parents encounter with Early Intervention:
1. My child cries all the time at therapy.

We use various cognitive behavourial strategies to manage the crying and make therapy engaging for each child. Our sessions are one hour long, allowing for breaks and removes the time pressures that can occur in 30 min sessions.
2. My child “is stubborn” or “is lazy”.
Every often a child isn’t stubborn or lazy, but rather they have not been expected to move to reach for what they want. We have conditioned them to scream for parents or siblings to bring them things. Sometimes the solution is re-training family members to not jump in to help the child before they have a chance to try themselves.
3. My child is weak/low tone.

We have various equipment available to use help build a child’s muscle strength ranging from orthotic garment systems to gym equipment. There is often a solution that can be tailored to each child’s needs, and more importantly individually tailored therapy programs to suit each child’s goals. 
Don’t just settle for box-standard group intervention programs if your child isn’t demonstrating improvements! Expect and demand effective early intervention for your child today!