3 Great Additions to Your Child’s Therapy

baby-225x300At My Favourite Physio, we use a great variety of therapeutic tools during our sessions with children, which may not be available at other organisations.

3 Great adjunct therapeutic systems we use are:

1. Orthotic Garment Systems
As discussed in our main article, Orthotic Garment Systems provide extra support and resistance to challenge each child to work harder to build their core strength and trunk control while allowing them to move functionally.

2. Listening Systems
We also have Listening Systems that is designed to stimulate the brain through the use of music with filtered frequency to target different parts of the brain. This is particularly effective for improving coordination, balance, attention and focus. We have used it with great results in children with Joubert’s Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Angelman’s Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorders.

3. Assistive Technology Devices.
We have various Assistive Technology Devices available to use during our sessions such as standing frames, chairs and walkers. We also provide an Assistive Technology Service where we carry our equipment trials and support families with funding requests for specialized equipment that their child need.

There are many more therapeutic tools, strategies and equipment that we use during our sessions. Can any of these additions make a greater difference for your child? For more information, contact our practice today!