The timing of Intervention matters!

paeds-rightAt birth the child’s brain is only 25% wired up, and at 1 year 75 % completed and by 3 years 90% of the brain is formed. It is the experiences of the child that goes to form the brain and allows the child to reach their maximum potential. The brain is a developing organ, not a miniature version of the adult brain. This fact applies to all infants, from birth it is crucial to provide stimulation and positive experiences for a child to develop their brain and learn skills. For a child with development delay, it is even more crucial to ensure that they receive effective intervention to assist them to build connections in their brain to learn the motor skills, language skills and psychosocial skills they require to participate in life.

“These developmental years are not just a chance to educate, but they are actually your obligation to form a brain. If you miss these opportunities, you have missed them – forever.” Dr Micheal Phelps, UCLA, Co-inventor of the PET Scan.

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