3 Top Tips to encourage your baby’s development

1. Tummy Time 

Placing your baby to play on the floor on their tummy is really important to ensure that they develop good head and neck control. This is the basic building block to their gross motor skills. 

2. Settle your crying child before picking them up

When babies get upset with being on their tummy or is unsettled, it is best to settle them before picking them up. You may have to pat them or sing to them or distract them in order for them to stop crying. This is an important strategy to implement from early on so that baby learns that crying is not the way to call for mum or to get their way. It is important baby learns to self-settle and calm themselves. The only caveat to this rule is if baby is hurt and in pain. 

3. Encourage and praise your child when they are 
playing happily 
As parents we often only respond to our child when they are crying, but seldom give them attention when they are happily playing quietly by themselves. As a result babies learn to scream and cry for attention, instead calmly asking for our attention. They learn that no one pays attention when they are calm and happy. So it is important to not be unconsciously rewarding “bad” behavior, we should instead be actively looking for opportunities to praise our little ones when they are exhibiting “good” behaviour.