Assistive Technology Devices are specialized equipment designed to assist children or adults with disabilities and their carer’s to perform activities of daily living. An assistive technology device can be a piece of equipment or a product system, that is commercially available off the shelf, modified or customized, that is used to maintain or improve the functional capabilities of a child or adult with disabilities.


Assistive Technology Devices includes:

  • Aids for Daily Living – bath chairs, commodes, toileting systems and continence aids.
  • Mobility and Transfer Aids – supportive strollers, walkers, car seats, manual and electric wheelchairs, hoists and transfer boards
  • Seating and Standing Aids – specialized seating systems, alternate indoor seating, pressure relieving mattresses and cushions, positioning equipment.


There is a wide range of assistive technology devices available in the market. As your child is an individual and has different needs, it is important when purchasing any assistive technology device that a multiple of factors are carefully considered before you decide which one best suits your needs. Some factors to consider when selecting an assistive technology device include the your child’s current and future goals, the your child’s abilities and their environment, the purpose and the features of the assistive technology devices available. This process can be complex and when costs of assistive technology devices often require external funding, the whole task can become daunting for many families.


At My Favourite Physio, we provide a unique Assistive Technology Service that directly assists a child with a disability in the selection, acquisition, and use of an assistive technology device.


This service includes:

  1. Evaluating of the needs of your child with a disability, including a functional assessment of your child in your home, child care centre, pre-school and school;
  2. Helping families with the purchase of assistive technology devices, and where needed, we assist families with funding applications to various organisations, to acquire the necessary assistive technology devices,
  3. Helping families with the process of selecting, designing, fitting, customizing, adapting, applying, maintaining, repairing, and replacing assistive technology devices;
  4. Coordinating with other therapies or services with the implementation of assistive technology devices, including liaising with child care services, preschools and schools;
  5. Providing training or technical assistance for your child with a disability and your family or carers; and
  6. Providing training or technical assistance for other professionals, including teachers, speech pathologists, occupational therapists who are substantially involved in the major life functions of your child.


To find out more about how our Assistive Technology Service can help you and your family, call us now on 02 9790 4233 or book an appointment today with our experienced Paediatric Physiotherapist!